On this page you will find links to a number of useful IT articles and free software tools.


Splashtop SOS

Run this software when instructed by a Techtegrity support engineer to enable us to remotely access your computer.

Veeam Office365

Veeam offers backup of 10 accounts for free with their Office365 software.  You still require a desktop/server to run the software from though. More information is available here.

Veeam Agent

Veeam Agent Free backup provide an excellent tool for backing up workstations free of charge.  License it from our store if you want support as well.


We recommend Paessler free tool for up to 100 sensors to monitor your environment.  You should set aside a couple of days to setup all 100 sensors but once it is up an running it is excellent.

Windows Sandbox

If your doing IT support then you 100% need this tool.  Or maybe you just need java for 30 mins for some legacy application or website?  Then windows sandbox is for you! Starting Windows 10 version 1903 Windows made a sandbox feature available.  We recommend you install and start using it.

ValiMail DMARC

If ensuring your email is getting delivered is of high importance to your organisation you need to have DMARC configured.  Use Valimail’s free DMARC tool for Office365 users.

Documents and Whitepapers

Complex password myths dispelled

A Microsoft research document outlining why C0mpl3x! passwords are actually not that secure.  It also dispels some long held myths about passwords.

Download Microsoft Password Guidance