Project Services

Scope, Plan, Build, Test, Implement

Scope, Plan, Build, Test, Implement. These are all required steps in order to successfully implement (on time, within budget) any technology change into your working environment. All too often business are provided with a scope of works and little else. When you work with us and utilise our project services, you can have visibility of as much or as little as you like. Of particular importance to us is customer sign off in the testing phase.

At Techtegrity, we pride ourselves on acting with integrity and transparency and will deliver the agreed project outcomes and outputs on time and within budget. Call us for an obligation free chat about what’s involved in your next project and to see what a difference working with us will make.

Project Services

Project Services: Review

Not quite sure your proposed project/solution is going to have the desired outcome?

As part of our project services, we provide a project review service, where we will review the proposed technology solution and assist you in identifying risks and short-comings. This is a completely impartial and suitability based review. It can literally save you thousands of dollars. As they say “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Call for further information.

Project Services: Recover

Do you have a project that has lost its way? Have the project objectives been changed too many times and you don’t know what the target is any more?

Call us. We can work with you, or take the lead and help get your system migration or technology project back on track. The key to a successful project is having clearly defined, achievable outcomes. We have many successful projects and system migrations under our belt and can assist you in turning your project around.

Do you need proven business IT solutions?

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