Network Services

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Network Services

Techtegrity is a Canberra based IT consultancy. We assist small to medium businesses, schools, and other organisations with finding appropriate cost effective network services.

We offer a range of network services and can provide your organisation with advice on the supply, installation, configuration and management of all network related devices. Some of our more common services are listed below.



We assist businesses and organisations in securing and upgrading their networks. We can supply and install a firewall for you, or assist you with changes to your existing environment. With everything we do, keeping your organization secure is the #1 priority. Our services include:

  • Supply and installation
  • Configuration changes
  • Security Reviews
  • Firmware updates
  • VPNs
  • ISP or IP changes

We can supply, install and configure all your switches and routers. This includes, installing and configuring;

  • Core switches and routers(L3+)
  • Data switches and iSCSI(SAN)
  • Edge switches(L2/L3)
  • Network Design
  • VLAN Design and Configuration
  • Cabling backbone design
  • Network debugging

Need wireless in your office? Have a function space that needs good Internet connectivity for clients? We can assist you in designing and implementing a wireless solution that is suitable for your needs. We have wireless solutions for organisations of all scales.

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