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Our Core IT Services

IT Solutions

We provide IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and organisations in Canberra, Sydney and everywhere in between. We assist in hardware and software procurement and installation and IT upgrades.

Our most common IT solutions are outlined below:


We look after a whole range of organisations of various sizes and configurations. Many of our customers are now 100% in the cloud with no onsite infrastructure.

We can either completely manage the IT solution end to end. Or just take care of the basics for you and step in for additional support when you need us. Or somewhere in between.

All of our Managed solutions are completely customised to your needs. Call us for a no obligation chat about your needs and how we might be able to work together.

We are happy to work with your business on an ‘As needed’ basis. As we see lots of different environments and have many years industry experience so often find we can quickly solve your issues or add value to your on premise IT team.

We work with a number of organisation’s that have a national presence that occasionally just require an IT consultant onsite to be their eye, ears and hands. We are happy to accommodate these requests as they arise for this type of work. We also recognise that sometimes these urgent matters just pop up. We’ll do our best to accommodate you should you find yourself in this position.

Please call for pricing and availability.

We are happy to work with your organisation to assist in one off projects migrations and upgrades. Learn more about our project services. We have loads of experience moving customers to the cloud both for email and moving compute infrastructure.


Scope, Plan, Build, Test, Implement. These are all required steps in order to successfully implement (on time, within budget) any technology change into your working environment. All too often business are provided with a scope of works and little else. When you work with us, you can have visibility of as much or as little as you like. Of particular importance to us is customer sign off in the testing phase.

At Techtegrity, we pride ourselves on acting with integrity and transparency and will deliver the agreed project outcomes and outputs on time and within budget. Call us for an obligation free chat about what’s involved in your next project and to see what a difference working with us will make.


Not quite sure your proposed project/solution is going to have the desired outcome?

We provide a project review service, where we will review the proposed technology solution and assist you in identifying risks and short-comings. This is a completely impartial and suitability based review. It can literally save you thousands of dollars. As they say “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Call for further information.


Do you have a project that has lost its way? Have the project objectives been changed too many times and you don’t know what the target is any more?

Call us. We can work with you, or take the lead and help get your system migration or technology project back on track. The key to a successful project is having clearly defined, achievable outcomes. We have many successful projects and system migrations under our belt and can assist you in turning your project around.

IT moves very quickly and it can be hard to keep up with all the changes, organisations particularly those of smaller size often don’t have the budget or resources to hire a suitably qualified person to guide their IT requirements. This is where hiring a virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) can save your organisation a lot of money and time. vCTO’s can help out with the following operational needs of your organisation:

  • Business requirement analysis
  • Return on investment calculations
  • Requests for Tenders
  • IT Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • IT System integration
  • C Level and Board reporting

Get in touch with us for more information on IT solutions and how we might be able to assist your organisation.

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