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IT security or information security is a crucial requirement to protect an organization’s vital data such as contacts, emails, passwords, and other business information. Information security is defined as the protection of data, information, and the systems that operate on that data. It is also securing the hardware that powers the IT infrastructure of an organization. Our highly skilled team of IT professionals at Techtegrity can assess your business’s IT security and provide the best solutions for securing your vital assets.


If you suspect you have suffered an IT breach, or know you have, and you are looking for urgent assistance to remediate the issue then please:

a) Don’t Panic (See the Do No Harm article in ‘Resources’)
b) Call us straight away, we can help.

Things to look out for after common breach scenarios:

#1) Rules or Forwards configured on email accounts to unknown external email recipients.
#2) Bad Actors attempting to monetise the breach, ie discovering invoices in sent items and editing these invoices and resending to your customers with updated/changed bank details.

All organisation should be prepared for “when” their organisation has an IT security issue not “if”. With suitable preparation you can minimise what and IT breach looks like, how quickly you become aware of the breach and most Importantly know how you will respond. Combined this will limit opportunities for bad actors to do damage to your brand, organisation and bank balance.

We assist organisation of all shapes and sizes with implementing a solution that is suitable for them.

Reach out if you would like to have a chat about this or any or the items listed below.

Basic Measures everyone should be following:
  • Patch all systems, then bad actors have to find new exploits rather than reuse known exploits.
  • Enabling 2 factor authentication everywhere it is supported.
  • Ensure you have backups that follow the 3-2-1-0 rule
Best practice measures for all organisations:
  • Disable Office Macros and remove unused applications
  • Secure privileged access. Ie LAPS
  • Make sure you use and correctly configured security devices like firewalls and Antivirus.

We also have a range of advanced security options we can help you implement not outlined here.

Penetration testing is a highly specialised area and that is not what we do at Techtegrity. However, we do work hard to ensure your environment is secure as possible. We can also assist you in building highly secure environments where required. Having witnessed a number of penetration tests and real life breaches, securing your IT environment can be broken down into three parts.

  • Implement all security controls as practical. Ie start with ACSC Essential 8, LAPS etc (Call us for info on advanced solutions).
  • Hire trusted ethical hackers (Penetration testers) to test your environment.
  • Resolve any issues the penetration testers identified.

We can assist with 1) and 3) and are happy to refer you some great security consultants (Penetration testers) we know for 2).

To get the most value out of your penetration test, call us first so we can help you identify and resolve all the common faults and implement best practice before you get tested. This way you will realise the most value for money from your penetration test.

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