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Cloud Solutions

We can work with you to design and implement cloud solutions appropriate to your business needs. We have experience doing all sorts of things with cloud resources.

Cloud services we offer are:


A managed service for the modern workplace is just like a traditional (On premise server) managed service except all of the server functionality resides in Microsoft secure cloud.

To date many organisation have resisted moving completely to the cloud as they were concerned they would lose many traditional functions an on premise environment provided like group policy. However early in 2019 Microsoft delivered the tools to overcome all of this and it is now possible to live completely in the cloud with all the functionality that use to come with an on premise server with regards to configuration. The tools available are expanding weekly as well.

So a managed service for the modern workplace is exactly the same as a traditional managed service we just do everything in a secure online portal rather than coming to your office to check a server. The other great thing is you never have to spend money on a server again.

Give us a call to have a chat about taking you to the cloud or managing your existing workplace.

Need to get your onsite compute workloads in the cloud? Easy. We use tools to do this and getting you from an aging server to the cloud is all about choosing the appropriate tools for the job. One of the easiest and fastest ways to do this is to just restore your latest backup into the cloud. Yes it can be that simple! We assume here that you are using a quality backup product like Veeam of course and you have appropriate configured your Azure Resource groups etc.

We can also help you use backup tools to replicate your environment to the cloud to make sure you never have an outage.

There are lots of variables to consider in the cloud space like security, VPNs, data sovereignty, etc

Reach out for a chat about how we can help step you through it and make it easy.

Office365 is our bread and butter. Every IT shop in Canberra will tell you that they can complete this for you as well. It can make choosing a service provider hard when everyone says they are capable and as a non technical person you have no way of distinguishing between providers.

So to that end feel free to get in touch to speak to a couple of our professional references to find out from them exactly how high we set the bar.

We won’t just migrate you and get things working. We will implement all the best practice as well, it’s just what we do.

Even after we do everything properly, we are still very competitively priced.

Some of things we do by that set us apart:

For Email:
  • Enable logging
  • Enable security alerting
  • Build custom anti phishing rules for you to stop this type of email See More
  • Protect you from brute force attempts via legacy authentication. We don’t have a single customer that is not having these attacks on their organisation today!
For Sharepoint:
  • Configure more appropriate default sharing rules than out of the box
  • Prevent staff from creating “Teams” ( We have seen this get crazy 😐)
  • Configure appropriate data retention and versioning policies

Azure information protection is the future of all documents. To summarise it is the process of applying ‘labels’ to your corporate document and those labels have varying functions. For example a document labelled ‘Confidential’ is actually encrypted. If the document is ever misplaced (Lost on a USB key), sent to someone in error via email, or stolen by a bad actor. The document can never be accessed because of the encryption. In a nutshell it is moving security from the perimeter (Firewall) to the user (Identity based security)

We also know that many organisations are not interested in using sharepoint for document storage due to previous bad experiences with it. If that is you, we can help you get your files to the cloud securely by using a combination of Azure file shares and AIP.

Even though AIP is a relatively new concept we have lots of experience in this space.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

More reading on AIP is available here:

Still hosting all your IT infrastructure onsite? No problem. Did you know Microsoft Office365 has some excellent tools for helping you detect and prevent data breaches and that you can leverage them today with your on premise infrastructure for minimal cost?

If you would like a hand to secure your environment then get in contact and we will be happy to give you an obligation free estimate on what is involved in setting this up for your environment.

Otherwise you can read more here:


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