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Cloud SolutionsTechtegrity is a Canberra based IT consultancy.  We can assist you with finding your way through the myriad of acronyms and services based in the ‘Cloud’.

Our experience tells us that many businesses would prefer to keep monthly subscriptions to a minimum. Otherwise subscriptions tend to add up quickly, generally on a per staff member basis. Cloud solutions however can be fantastic at providing great value for money in the right circumstances.

At Techtegrity we can quickly guide you to cloud solutions that may be appropriate for your business goals. We can assist you with forecasting return on investment in cloud versus outright ownership.

Some of the more common cloud offerings we work with are below. We also build solutions in Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Office 365
We can assist you with all your Office365 needs, from initial set-up, to migrating your existing environment to Office365. Office365 is a fantastic product (which is why we use it at Techtegrity), but it isn’t cost effective or suitable for every environment. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and we can assist you with all your Office365 queries.

Cloud Email and Web Filtering
Moving your email and web filtering to the cloud could be one of the smartest things you can do. It gives you back bandwidth and removes your need to invest in infrastructure to host the services yourself. If you’re a business with staff on the road, or a school, it gives you the added bonus of letting the web filtering roam with the end user. So the student or staff member still has the same filters applied any time they are on the Internet. Now that’s smart! Talk to us today about our cloud based filtering solutions for Internet and SPAM.

Other Software – SaaS
More and more software solutions are moving to a “cloud offering”. Some of the most successful to gain traction in recent years are the accounting package offerings, Xero, MYOB, etc. There are pros and cons to shifting your software to the cloud, so call us today for some free advice on what might work best for your situation and we’ll be happy to share our experience with various solutions and offerings or maybe even propose a few ideas you weren’t aware of.

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